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Rowing for everyone

Rowing in Color, a podcast with a mission in a white-dominated sport.

Almost a decade ago, Patricia Destine began her rowing journey and hasn’t looked back since. Patricia’s career began in 2012 when she joined club team Row New York where she later became a coach and continues to share her passion for the sport to this day. Alongside...

Brock Sampson: ‘Rowing is more than a sport’

In the series 'Rowing for All', this time we speak to Brock Sampson. This American came into contact with the Netherlands about ten years ago and eventually settled here for love. In Nijmegen he set up the Rowing Without Limits project. With this he wants to make...

Inclusion in Rowing

The documentary A Most Beautiful Thing, which was released in the US over the summer, tells the story of the first African-American high school rowing team. In a predominantly white sport like rowing, they stood out amongst their peers at regattas in the late 1990s....

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